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    The Global Social Network for Sports

    • 195+ Countries
    • 335,000+ Teams
    • 2.5M+ Athletes
    • 600,000+ Events
    • 250,000+ Schools

    What is SPORTS195?

    For the Fan

    Follow your favorite sports teams, leagues and athletes for every sport across the world.

    For the Athlete

    Build your own athlete profile to share your athletic participation and achievements.

    For the Organization

    Manage your league, team, club or school sports program for free.

    For the Fans

    Follow what you want, when you want!

    One global platform to follow all of your sports interests at every level!

    • Receive all of the best sports news and content from across the world at all levels of sports: Professional, University, High School or Club.
    • Engage and interact with your favorite teams, leagues, schools, clubs and athletes across the world, and your friends and family.
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    For the Athlete

    Showcase your athletic participation and accomplishments

    Create and Build your Athlete Profile

    • Track and discuss your athletic achievements, statistics and results.
    • Upload images, videos (games or highlights) and status updates.
    • Connect with teammates, coaches, friends, family and your fans.
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    For the Organization

    Manage your League, Team, Club or School Sports Program

    It's a sports infrastructure solution for everyone

    • Complements or works in place of an existing website by providing many new features in addition to basic site functionality.
    • Includes schedules, scores and results (including historical).
    • Share game videos, highlights, images and news.
    • Provides community features such as comments, likes, shares and more.
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