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    MLB Trade Rumors: 5 Pitchers Dodgers Could Target To Replace Chad Billingsley In 2013

    With the devastating, yet not surprising news that starting pitcher Chad Billingsley could not only miss the rest of the 2012 MLB season for the Los Angeles Dodgers, but perhaps almost all of 2013 if he does in fact need to undergo Tommy John surgery shortly, speculation has already started as to which pitchers the team could target through a trade this offseason. And as we know when it comes to the Dodgers and their new ownership, money is no object. It is too late for Los Angeles to do anything this season. They will have to ride it out with what they have and hope that they can sneak into the 2012 MLB Playoffs. But this offseason, you can expect that the Dodgers will not sit back and watch other teams sign free agents without checking in with many of them. But the more likely route that Los Angeles will take is to go out and seek help via trades, as they can get back pitchers of better caliber. Sure, there are a few free agent starting pitchers that could be attractive options to...

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